Arbitrary Criminalization of Migrants.

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Children in the camp

This episode of Voices Of Mytilene is about the arbitrary criminalization of migrants in Greece. Currently there are over a thousand migrants spending time in jail in Greece as they are accused of smuggling or other highly dubious charges. It is a not too well-known but nevertheless highly efficient method used by Greece – but also in other parts of Europe – to oppress and intimidate migrants.

We spoke to Kim from Can’t Evict Solidarity and Julia from Borderline Europe in order to get some more information about the structural nature of these incarcerations. Also, there we will highlight some individual cases like the „Samos 2“ trial, the „Amir & Razuli“ trail and the „Moria 6“ trial, among others.

Kim and Julia are both directly involved with supporting some these migrants by organizing solidarity campaigns and providing judicial and emotional support.

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George Quendel – harmonic III

Outro Track:
Herman Van Veen – De Vluchteling


Picture: Korydallos Prison

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