Xenophilia with xeno bitch

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  • Xenophilia with xeno bitch
56:42 Min.
Iran: Hoffnung in grausamen Zeiten
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Ecuador schreibt Geschichte: Ende der Erdölförderung im Yasuní im Block 43
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Jung, politisch und feministisch
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Kunst schaffen als FLINTA* Person
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Wo bleibt die Klimagerechtigkeit?
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Weltweit gelebte Community
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Queerness im Theater – Performatives Possen
57:00 Min.
Kurdische Selbstorganisation und Erbebenhilfe

xeno bitch is a queer migra rapper based in Barcelona, Catalonia, who just brought out their first single “Queer Immigrant”. On 14th June their first EP “Xenophilia” will follow. Time to talk about how they rediscovered their creativity and  finally found their way to music and rap. Originally from Romania, xeno bitch addresses in their art and music intersectional forms of oppression, the communist era in Romania and the existence of queer people in rural areas throughout time. With Andreea Zelinka they talked about the unnecessary romanticization of authoritarian communism in parts of the Western left, and that everyone is responsible to take part in dismantling everyday oppressive structures. Sounds like a lot? xeno bitch’s art is dense, full of culture, fearless and one thing in particular: to the point. 

In conversation: xeno bitch is a rapper from Barcelona, you can find them on Instagram @xeno___bitch

Check out: “Queer Immigrant” on Bandcamp or Spotify, and their music video on Youtube


M.I.A. – Borders

Maria Tănase – Ciuleandra

xeno bitch – Queer Immigrant

Sendungsgestaltung: Andreea Zelinka

Fotocredit: Alice Daneluzzo / Milan Cail

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