#alpinechangemaker ideas for a good life in the Alps

Hörbare Alpen: Der CIPRA Podcast
  • Lumber Down
21:55 Min.
Commuting made easy - Episode 2
29:49 Min.
Commuting made easy - Episode 1
29:20 Min.
Mehr Gehör für junge Leute: Alpine Climate Camps
22:20 Min.
Girls* on Ice: Expedition für angehende Gletscherforscherinnen
18:29 Min.
Who takes care of visitor management in the Alpine region? // The speciAlps2 political compact
24:16 Min.
Interview with Polona Zakrajšek, participant in the project Re.Sources
11:03 Min.
Riapre la scuola dopo 50 anni: Intervista con la sindaca di Ostana, Italia
25:42 Min.
Ideje iz Pinzgaua za Jelovico
28:34 Min.
Ideas for Jelovica from Pinzgau
39:02 Min.
#Alpenrauschen: Ein Übereinkommen zum Schutz der Alpen

An art pavilion on the topic of mass tourism, bivouacs in abandoned barns or integrating marginalised groups better: the first “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” (ACB) in Valposchiavo/CH at the beginning of July 2021 saw around 30 participants from the Alpine region further developing their projects for a better future in the Alps. Some of the participants sent us a short message to tell us more about their creative ideas and innovative projects.

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More information: www.alpinechangemaker.org

The ACB was the first pilot project of the transdisciplinary “Alpine Changemaker Network”, an association of organisations from the fields of education, regional development and the environment. They are accompanied by a reflection group that evaluates the conception and implementation of the base camps. The network was initiated by CIPRA International and Jens Badura from berg_kulturbüro.

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