Nick Acorne: „Wir wollen kein teil von Russland sein und wir wollen kein Krieg auf unsere Erde haben“

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On 16. and 17. September 2022 is hapening V:NM (Verein zur Förderung und Verbreitung Neuer Musik) festival „Ukraine meets Styria in Graz“. We had a chance to talk to Nick Acorne, musician and co-curator of the festival who organised the Ukrainian musicians that will colalborate with the Styrian artists.

Tune in to 92,6 Fm on 16. und 17. September 22 and listen to the live broadcasting of the entire festival.

Angelos and Gea talk with Nick about the concept of the festival, the connection with Ukraine and possible difficulties they may face crossing the border. Nick told us about the experimental music being improvised or prearranged that visitors can expect there. Since Nick is originally from Ukraine and lives in Austria for 10 years, he has many insights about the living situation of his friends and relatives surrounded by war. Ipek opened the second part of the interview towards the discussion of the questions such as:

Do artists in Russia show solidarity with Ukrainians? Should Ukraine continue to fight? What do the EU and the USA want to do? How will the war go on?

*the interview is in German and English language*

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